The Most Amazing Phillip Island Activities For Families | 2021

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Thinking of bringing the family down to Phillip Island? 


Well, you’re in luck. 


There’s plenty to do for everyone down here on the island, and for families, there’s even more. 


With more beaches than you’d know what to do with and activities aplenty, you and the kids will have something different to do every day of the week… 


Let’s explore some of the best family-friendly activities here on Phillip Island. 

1. Don’t Miss Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

As you drive onto across the bridge, you’ll soon reach Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. 


You probably don’t need us to tell you why this is a great stop for the kids…? 


You can spend a couple of hours here watching how chocolates are made and tasing a whole variety of sweets and treats.

2. Go Crazy At Amaze N Things

A fun-filled adventure park your kids will absolutely love! 


With mazes, puzzles and enough activities to last an entire day, you really can’t go past Amaze N Things for letting your kids a little lose and have a great time here on the island. 


You can find out more about activities and grab your tickets here.

3. Get Competitive With Mini Golf

How about some inter-family competition? 


Head to Grumpy’s mini-golf in Cowes. It’s a full 18 hole course, undercover! 


Perfect for staying out of the midday sun or hiding from the rain. 


With prices at $11 for children under 15, Grumpy’s should be a no brainer activity if the kids are bored and the weather’s not so great.

4. Get Competitive With Mini Golf

Family or not, you really can’t come to Phillip Island without watching the penguins come in at the Penguin Parade. 


One of the island’s most famous and popular attractions. 


At dusk, you’ll be able to spot ‘Little Penguins’, which are the world’s smallest penguin species and the only penguin to have blue and white feathers. 


Be sure to book tickets in advance as it can get super busy during the summer.

5. Discover The Antarctic Centre

Heading out to the Nobbies you’ll discover the Antarctic Centre. 


Perched on the cliff at one of the more wild stretches of the coast, you can take the family to explore this very interesting area. 


The centre teaches you all about Antarctic wildlife and what can be done to preserve it.


In addition to this, The Nobbies also boasts a little cafe which is a great place to grab a bite to eat and a coffee whilst looking out at the wild ocean below. 


You can also do the Nobbies drive, a track that winds around the coast and finishes back at Penguin Parade. At dusk, you’ll likely see wallabies bouncing across the road. 


Be sure to drive slow and take it all in.

6. Learn to Surf At Smiths Beach

The island is one of the best places for surfing in the whole of Australia and for a beginner, you can’t go past Smiths beach. 


Smiths beach often provides small, soft breaking waves perfect for new surfers. 


If you’re down with the whole family, why not take a private lesson from the crew at Island Surf School? 


A surf school that’s been established since the ’80s. The coaches here are super keen surfers, all of which are very knowledgeable. They’ll get you riding waves and standing in your first lesson. 

7. Wonder The Phillip Island Wildlife, Park

If feeding wallabies and seeing koalas up close sounds like a good idea, then look no further than Phillip Island Wildlife Park. 


A must-do for anyone visiting the area. 


Wallabies roam around the grounds which you can get super close to and even hand feed. You can also check out native Australian birds, snakes, spiders and even hang out with Kangaroos and Emus. 


Just watch out for the emus stealing your food.

8. Check Out Churchill Island Heritage Farm

It’s a shame Churchill Island is often overlooked by many visitors to Phillip Island, as it really is a beautiful place to visit. 

A small island attached via a bridge from the main island, the place is in a little world of its own. 

An awesome place to visit for the family, where the kids can get up close and personal with farm animals while learning and taking part in some awesome farm activities.

9. Uncover Kitty Miller Shipwreck

If you’re willing to do a little exploring, get to Kitty Miller Bay. 


Just around the headland, lies the shipwreck of the S.S Speke, that crashed into the rocks here back in 1906. 


Head there at low tide to make sure you can see the shipwreck properly and get up close. 


There are also some great rock pools in the area, and who knows… you may even find one of our secret beaches… 

10. Feed Pelicans at San Remo

Heading just off the island…yep we know, we cheated a little for this one, you really can’t miss seeing the pelicans down at the shore in San Remo!


Head down around mid-morning (10-11 am). You can get super close to them and even feed them bread (although strictly speaking it’s not advised). 


At the shore, you may even be lucky enough to spot stingrays. 


In San Remo, there’s plenty of cool spots to grab a coffee and lunch while gazing back over the at the bridge.

11. Play at The Beach

Did you know there are more than 12 well-known beaches on Phillip Island? 


And even more, if you do some exploring. 


Yep, we’re surrounded by beaches here, all of them amazing in their own individual way. 


With gold sand beaches dotted across the whole island, the only problem really is choosing which beach to go to, yep we’re very spoiled down here… 


For families, check out Kitty Miller Bay, Smiths Beach and Cowes Foreshore.

12. Explore Forrest Caves

At low tide, head on down to Forrest Caves. 


A beautiful beach with red rocks to the east, where you’ll find some cool rock pools and caves. 


During low tide, you can actually go inside the caves, of which there are a few different ones. 


A great way to kill a few hours and keep the kids entertained between other activities.

13. Clip & Climb

On a rainy day, head over to Clip & Climb, located just outside of Cowes. 


An indoor climbing centre that’s fantastic for a bit of a physical challenge and some inter-family competition. 


Please note, it’s best to book in advance, which you can do so here.

Summary of Family-Friendly Activities on Phillip Island

Hopefully, you now have more than enough reasons to come and visit Philip island with the family. 


I can promise, you won’t be disappointed with the number of things you can do here. 


Luck into some great weather and your time here can be one of the most unforgettable family trips ever.

For toddlers, you really can’t go past exploring the beaches and checking out the wildlife at Phillip Island nature park, the pelicans at San Remo or the Antarctic centre at The Nobbies.

Although Philip Island is largely outdoor-based, there are a few great things to do to keep the kids entertained when it’s raining. 


Play mini-golf at grumps or head to Clip and climb.

With beaches in abundance and beautiful natural scenery, there is a wealth of things to do for free on Phillip Island. 


Start by checking at Cape Woolamai, Cowes Foreshore before heading to The Nobbies and The Antarctic Centre.