Surround Yourself In Nature With these ‘Must-Do’ Phillip Island Walks

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Longing to get out of the city and out into nature? 


We hear you.


Luckily, Phillip Island is one of the best places in Victoria to immerse yourself in the natural environment. 


Surrounded by a beautiful coastline on all sides, there is an abundance of different walks, to suit everyone. 


On the right day, some of these walks offer incredible views or offer a unique experience you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. 


Throughout this post, allow yourself to be inspired as we explore some of Phillip Island’s best Walks…

Table of Contents

Cape Woolamai Walk

Starting with Phillip Island’s most iconic walk. The Cape Woolamai Cape Walk. 


A few minutes after arriving on the island, you can turn down Woolamai Beach road. Head to the end of this road and park at the last car park you get to. 


From here, you’ll be greeted by an incredible view of the beach, with the Cape pinnacles providing a truly beautiful backdrop. 


Cape Woolamai is an extremely popular beach for local surfers, with who you’ll likely be sharing the car park as you begin walking.  


To start this walk, head down the beach towards the Cape until you reach the stairs. 


The track then makes its way along the cape which is Phillip Island’s highest point. The track here will reward you with spectacular 360 views across Woolamai and the ocean. 


There are also few different tracks you can take on the Cape; 


  • Pinnacles Walk (Green track) 1.5-hour return 
  • Old Granite Quarry (Blue track) 2-hour return 
  • Beacon Walk (Black Track) 2.5-hour return 

Churchill Island Loop Walk

Churchill Island, a small island connected by a bridge to Phillip Island, is a quiet, tranquil place perfect for escaping the real world. 


When you arrive, park at the heritage farm (which is a great place to grab a coffee or bite to eat after your walk). 


The Loop walk takes you around the edge of the island, where you’ll be greeted by views of the Western Port Bay and surrounding wetlands. 


The walk itself takes around 2-hours to return and is very leisurely in terms of difficulty. 


This track is also great as it’s accessible for both prams and wheelchairs.

The Nobbies Boardwalk

Out on this wild and rugged coastline, there is an incredible boardwalk track that leads you along the cliffs.  


After parking at The Nobbies Center, The boardwalk paths are easy to spot, on which you can stroll along while taking in spectacular views of The Nobbiess snd Seal Rocks.  


You’ll see waves smashing into the jagged cliffs below and don’t forget to check out the spectacular blowhole, towards the end of the track. 


The boardwalk track is only 500 metres long so it’s a great one for the kids! There is also the chance to see some native Phillip Island wildlife here, so be sure to keep an eye out for the world’s smallest penguins (who nest amongst the boardwalk), Cape Barron Geese and Wallabies that roam the area.

Pyramid Rock To Berry’s Beach Walk

This walk offers amazing views across Phillip Island’s southern coast. 


Begin at pyramid rock, which offers great views of the rock itself, as well as back towards Woolamai. 


Begin your walk by taking the track towards Berrys beach. Along the way you’ll get the chance to stop at viewing platforms, giving you a moment to take in the beauty that surrounds you. 


You can walk onwards towards Berrys beach or do a loopback towards Pyramid Rock car park. 


This is around a 2-hour return. 

Forrest Caves

A short stroll along the beach at Forrest Caves gives you the chance to check out some incredible rock formations. 


Due to millions of years worth of waves pounding into the rocks, softer rock has been eroded away here, forming these fascinating caves. All of which can be accessed and is awe-inspiring for the kids. 


Be sure to head to Forrest Caves at low tide only, as this is the only tide you’ll be able to go inside the caves and really get to explore. 


From the car park to the caves, the walk is around 1km and will take about 25 minutes each way. 

George Bass Coastal Walk

While not strictly on Phillip Island, we simply had to include this one! 


One of the longer walks on the list, but also one of the most rewarding. 


This track leads you along the amazing coastline between San Remo and Kilcunda and is 7km one way. 


If you’re a keen hiker, this one’s for you. You’ll have amazing views back towards the Island as well as the wild coast towards Kilcunda and out towards the Bass Strait. 


When you walk here, please respect the land as the track passes through farmland and the coastal reserve. 


5-hour return. 

San Remo Coastal Circuit

Located just over the bridge, the San Remo coastal circuit is a leisurely stroll providing views of both the bridge and Woolamai. 


Head to San Remo Foreshore then walk out towards Davis point, from which you can take a path that continues across the beach. 


This walk is 4kms in total and a 1-hour return. 


As you’re in San Remo, you’ll be in the perfect spot to grab a coffee or a spot of lunch after your walk. 

Kitty Miller Walk

Did you know Phillip Island has its very own shipwreck? 


Just a short walk around the coast from Kitty Miller Bay lies the S.S Speke. A ship that wrecked here back in 1905. 


At low tide, you’ll see the wreckage clearly and even be able to get up close to it. 


This walk is great for the kids as it’s relatively short (2km/1hour return along the headland) and gives them the chance to explore the shipwreck and the many rock pools surrounding it. 

Phillip Island Walks Summary

If you’re coming down to the Island to surround yourself with nature and go on some great walks, you won’t be disappointed. 


For an area with so much natural beauty and coastline, It really is unsurprising. 


We hope to see you here soon, taking advantage of all these amazing walks this place has to offer.


However, please be respectful of the land and native wildlife.

Phillip Island Walks Map

Dog Friendly Walks Phillip Island

Unfortunately, many walks and beaches on Phillip Island are not suitable for dogs. 


However, great places to walk with your dog are Surf Beach, Crazy’s Birds Beach and Smiths Beach.